The excellence of Xceltex™ fabric

The excellence of Xceltex™ fabric

We know that weather can be unpredictable, it’s why we developed Xceltex™ fabric to keep you and your family covered – come rain or shine.

Relax in comfort.   

Xceltex™ is a unique fabric used on selected Coolaroo shade sails, umbrellas and gazebos.         
It's made from a high-quality polyester and contains diverse properties that make it suitable for all weather conditions – so you can relax in comfort.

Xceltex™ fabric offers a 100% UV block from harmful light that can cause damage to skin and carries a 5-year warranty against UV degradation.   

It’s the fabric that makes the difference.  

Xceltex™ is an all-weather fabric, its cover factor caters for extreme sun and its water-resistant properties makes all the difference in rainy weather.

Xceltex™’s strength and durability enable this fabric to perform exceptionally well in all weather conditions.  
Xceltex™ is UV stabilised, resists mould and mildew, is easy to keep clean and carries a 5-year warranty against UV degradation.

Xceltex™'s woven fabric is highly water repellent which means it performs at its best despite extreme weather conditions.   

At home in the environment.  

Xceltex™ is developed by a company renowned for outdoor fabrics, GALE Pacific. Xceltex™ fabric is made with eco-friendly materials and is not dyed, making it an environmentally responsible choice.  

To find out whether your product is made from Xceltex™ fabric, look for the Xceltex™ logo on our product pages. For more information on our fabric options, contact the Coolaroo team today.