How to care for your synthetic grass

How to care for your synthetic grass

One of the benefits of synthetic grass is that it requires much less maintenance than a regular lawn, while looking just as lush and vibrant. But it still takes a little care to get the best out of your blades

Here’s how to keep your synthetic grass looking its finest.

  1. Regularly remove debris

    Let’s face it: synthetic or not, every lawn is going to have materials fall on it – it’s outside. Whether they’re leaves, seeds, sticks or anything else that might fall from above, we recommend regularly cleaning materials off your grass. Using a brush or a rake is great because it refreshes the position of the blades at the same time, but cleaning by hand is just as good. Leaves become moist and allow moss to grow, which can impact drainage. So it’s about the function as much as looking fresh.

  2. Always clean off any stains

    As with anywhere around the home, it’s always good to clean up any spills as quickly as you can. Most spills will wash off straight away with a hose. Just be careful with greasy substances like cooking oil and sunscreen – they’re great for a summer BBQ, but not so good for your grass.

  3. Avoid hot materials

    While we’re on the topic of summer BBQs, any hot coals, charcoal, tongs or other barbecue instruments that land on a synthetic lawn will burn and damage the blades.

  4. Water the lawn

    No, we’re not kidding! Synthetic lawns are a great option for dry areas, but they still benefit from a bit of water here and there. A spray from the hose can help to remove any dried organic matter that has clung to the roots of the blades and improves drainage. Just remember that it may be slippery under foot until the water dries.

Synthetic Grass

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