How to use the Banksia Cantilever Umbrella

How to use the Banksia Cantilever Umbrella

The Banksia 3.5m Cantilever Umbrella lends a contemporary style to any outdoor living space. Learn how to install it using our handy guide.

With 100% cover factor protection offering generous shade and fade-resistant fabric, the Banksia umbrella is great addition to your outdoor space.

The secret is the Xceltex™ fabric canopy, which has you covered come rain or shine.

The Banksia is packed with features so you can relax in comfort. To learn how to use the umbrella, read on or download the PDF.

Materials in box:

Box One

  • Lower Pole x1 
  • 360 degree Swivel system x1 
  • Screws x4 (M8 x 15) 
  • Screws x4 (M8 x 25) 
  • Washer x 8 
  • Umbrella frame and canopy x1 
  • Crank handle x1 
  • Screw with plastic cap x1 
  • Plastic cover x1 
  • Plastic cone x1 
  • Allen key x1 
  • Umbrella cover x1 
  • Stay pole x1 

Box Two

  • Fillable base and metal cross base x1 
  • Base wheels x4 


  1. Check that cross base pieces are secured to the under side of base. Attach wheels to the underside.
  2. Using screws and washers fix the 360° swivel system onto the fillable base. Then fix the lower pole to the 360° swivel system using screws and remaining 4 washers.
  3. Place the plastic cone over the lower pole & position over 360° swivel system.
  4. Place the plastic cover on the bottom of the umbrella frame pole as shown.
  5. Place the umbrella frame pole onto the lower pole. Push plastic cover down to sit neatly on plastic cone. Secure poles together using the screw with plastic cap.
  6. Using the easy glide handle, push in an upwards direction towards the top of the umbrella pole until it locks into the lowest position.
  7. Open the umbrella by inserting and rotating the crank handle.
  8. Adjust the vertical angle of the umbrella, by sliding the easy glide handle up the pole and locking into desired position.
  9. The umbrella can be rotated 360° by stepping on the foot pedal on the base.
  10. To tilt the canopy horizontally, release the lever, then rotate to the left or right and lock into position at desired angle.

Care and Materials:

  • When not in use, close the umbrella, place a protective cover over it and store in a dry place.
  • If the canopy is wet, allow to dry naturally opened up before storing.
  • If necessary, clean the fabric with a hose.
  • Components subject to turning and sliding can be treated with a non-staining lubricant spray (silicon-based).

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